1. Infinities

From the recording Infinities

 The "strings" are a Line6 effect as are the vocal enhancements. This version also features the added meddling of my long time friend and musical criminal Al Semok. He provided piano, additional synth and some backing vocals- as well as mastering this version. Arrest him immediately!


InfinitiesJourney into darkness.The stars are my companions.Nothing seems familiar.I'm feeling so abandonedGuardians of time and space, They keep me in this silent placeGoing somewhere.Space is a surreal dream.Time is just an abstract themeGoing nowhere.Home's a faint illusionI hardly can remember.I miss my friends and family.I only have the pictures.Guardians...........All your hopes and all your dreams are riding on my shouldersNow I feel the weight, I feel the pressure building like a bomb.All my hopes and all my dreams are left behind to languishNow I feel the space, the emptiness. I should have stayed behind.Journey into darkness.Space is isolation.The empty night surrounds meWith fear and desolation.Guardians......