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Breath locked in the stilness of conspiracy,

You remember to walk like a deer through leaves

Emerging from a cloak of unbeing.

Wholly here now in the vapors of slowed time,

Light free from inconstant skin,

Forms your soul from the bones of memory.

Your footsteps shimmer

In the halo of my unconscious

Where we have walked

Emergent, lightwinded,

Trailing a whorl of stars.


Sweeps of stone godlight

Appear in my hands through wintered glass webs.

Dust flickers between radiant worlds

To lay at last in the shadows on the bed,

In the mirthless prank of your scent's echo.


The deathless energy of night's fiction

Fills me- breathes you into being whole;

The ghost of your fingers,

The whisper of a thousand tongues

Like spells of the earth,

Like fatal wounds of memory.

Night Below Deck


Attempting to sleep up one side

Of the sea and down to the still,

Smooth trough of the swell is, of course,


Hopeless. As if only motion

Mattered and sound; the deep bass slap

On the hull’s drum could be ignored.


Clinging to a notion of time

That is based on light and waking

Whole, on a balanced sea is wrong


Too. There is a dream of many

Fish in a light sea somewhere now

Ahead where we sail to meet them-


Where they are laughing in their calm

Arc below the black wave runners-

Waiting without storm, without fear.





The sheen of moonlit lake

Silent as eyes

Ripples in the aftermath of smooth stones

In their casual flight.

We speak through gestures-

The sound of stones’ plummet to the lakebed,

Leaves kicked up into whirling falls,

The exaggerated shadows of brooding trees.

Now- let us shed our dialects

And shift into this common tongue

Slippery with autumn rain.

                                                                   WHEN THE LION COMES

They will not cry out.

A lost wind wrecks them,

Plague in the north breeze.

Dry death winds stir

Ancient fears from long gaunt dunes.

They will not sing.

Herds darken in their eyes.

The desert prowls at their feet, inching,

Claiming more grass.

Red sands lock their eyes-

Tears blown before the dunes.

They will not laugh at the zebra dance.

They will not call to the elephants

Brooding between fences.

They will not run when the lion comes.


Though the echoes

Say we are

             All we say

We are, silence

Says we are windless

             Cloud shadows,

Stone water.

             The sudden rush

Of wings

              In the distance says

We are.


                                                                        ICE DRIVE

A black wind leaves the world

Without friction. My lifted

Wheels glide across the grand

Glass with a new mind-

In the steel

There is no remembering

Of the true road.

But an angel watches my soul

Pass between my teeth

And lays her hand across my eyes

So I cannot see my own return

Before I have left.

The whole world now

In the air around my face

Believes in tomorrow going

And coming back.


A silent bell

It cannot be, a soundless heart.

A quiet wave.

The ears refuse a sudden sleep

Where once a magic reigned.

And so we sing from every cell

And search for every song unsung

And revel in the mystery

Of angels that have come.